Victor Grabovsky and Ida Zheleznova - are artists from Moscow. Special secondary education and high special education. Members of the International Federation of Artists (Union of the artists of Russia) from 1988. Take part in the different regional and international exhibitions.
The main directions in the work are painting and monumental Art. Some our works are in the some museums, galleries and private collections in Europe, Asia and America.
  Among the latest works it is worth noting:
- Restoration of the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Chetryakovo, Stupino district;
- Stained-glass icon of St. Nicholas Cape Horn for the Chapel in the museum of the workshop of Fyodor Konyukhov in Moscow;
- Reliefs for the tombstones of polar explorers in Antarctica on the island of Buromsky, recreated by the film director and journalist Olga Stefanova;
 Awards and Recognition:
- Diploma from Metropolitan Yuvenaly for his labors in the Church;
- Order of Rudnev from the museum of the commander of the cruiser Varyag for creating paintings on the sea theme;
- Expert opinions of 1999 and 2004 Ministry of Culture of Russia on the museum quality of the executed copies;
- Diplomant and prize-winner of the Moscow Art Exhibition "Golden Brush - 96" in the Central House of Artists.
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 Victor Grabovsky (born August 23, 1962) is a Russian painter. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (since 1994). His works are adorned with a number of private collections and state museums in Russia, Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, France, Japan, including the Kozmodemyansk Art History Museum, the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Chetryakovo, Stupino district. In 1997 the Kozmodemyansk Art and Historical Museum invited Viktor to write several copies of famous masters, including K.Makovsky's "Gypsy", I. Aivazovsky's "Niagara Falls" and N. Feshin's "Nude". Last about a year hung in the exhibition hall of the Museum next to the original, and was later acquired by the manager of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, IB. Porto.
About myself: Close
  I like seclusion. So me will easier be merge with the whole world, to feel an endless depth of phenomena, objects or thoughts. Be a conductor of the world of God, to merge with him – here is that moment, when I begin to paint a picture. For this it is unnecessary to sit beside canvas with a paint-brush. This – later on. Picture will be born sometimes outside of you and needed be at most clean, to merge with the Nature.
Painting is poetic. Its more, then artist, its creating. This is as an image of person, his form, which above the person himself. Image is endless, so it is possible only to contemplate. For me stone – is a metaphor. I am compare stones with the world. There are different stones: stone - a landscape, stone – a fish, stone – an animal, stone – a person, stone – a sign. It is interesting to scrutinize such stone. Each of them shall be reality and abstraction simultaneously. Listen and see a silence of the stone. It is endless in deep!
  Each picture lives its life. It carries a mystery in itself, something unspeakable , which is opening in time. I am interesting of a motion inside a pictures and the measure of this depth. I try to "feel" the picture, look at it sharp internal glance, perfect finest the details by this sensation. Technical performance is a reiterative. It is possible by one blow of a paint – brush to reach the top accuracy. This stands an large internal tensity, in these minutes an artist as it were disappears. Maximum centrality is the highest moment of creation.
Subject must as it were disappears on the picture, that gives an abstract feeling of outliving. Language of the metaphors and image – not only wise past, as well as constant future.
My motto: "World of art is created by understanding of the most world".

Compositions, Portraits


 Ida Zheleznova - Member of the International Union of Artists. Moscow city. She was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1955. Graduated from the Rostov Art College named after Grekov. She studied in the studio of Peter Stepanovich Keller, a disciple of Konstantin Korovin, then theatrical artist Gennady Belov. In 1978 she was admitted to the Moscow Gorkom of Artists - Graphic Artists where she met and was constantly exhibited by famous artists: Anatoly Brusilovsky, Eduard Drobitsky, Provatorov and others. Since 1991 she has exhibited at the International exhibitions in Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Abu Dhabi. From 1991 to 2005 she took an active part in exhibitions in various galleries in Europe and America. In 2003 - 2005, she participated in the creation of a private museum of the Arts of the Peoples of the World in the Moscow region. From 2008 to 2017 took an active part in the design of the Temple in the Moscow region. Zheleznova's paintings are kept in the Museum of the Arab Emirates (Assembly of the Country, Abu Dhabi), in the Art Museum of Kozmodemyansk, in the Museum of the Seraphim-Znamensky Monastery in Moscow Region, and in private collections in Austria, Japan, the USA, Russia, Germany, France.
About myself: Close
  Ida I am interesting to experiment with different technicians, invoices, forms, materials. Search and find the most closest to me ways of self-expression and cognition itself – my essence, which surprises me, coming out of depths of my "I" in paints and lines, being in images and compositions new for me. I am interesting to be with myself, what else there is inside me? Improvisation – my lovely style. Speed and accuracy of sensation, moving into conception, and on the exhalation, suddenly, appear on canvas a picture , as though this is done not by me, but only stake out on strict critiques of my soul. And seldom be satisfied with made...
  I am dreaming and imaging about my own pictures, but likes me only that, which is not yet painted, which is soaring somewhere and calls me to the beckon blue sky. GOD creates from NOTHING. Person creates from the created God. In the authorities of person to image, express and glorify this world, or destroy, dismember, abolish it , that most often occurs in the art in XX century, as far as understand a world and create good much difficult. Painting – one of the ways of understanding of the mysterious world as visible, so and invisible, which quite as much influences upon the artist, as a world palpable, lit shining a sun or gleam of stars. This invisible world often dictates us their own images, suppress us unknown or apparent liberty and beauty of ugly, but full absence of this beauty and harmony. 
  Painting – a picture of soul, its spirituality, purities, glad love to the God and its creation, or sinfulness, overcast, ire and despairs of quit. I inspire a contemplate of clouds, unique pictures of rises and sundowns, inconceivability of water surface subtle motion and modulations of color, beauty human body and secret of animals silence, looking to our eye by its light not blink glance. Likes a condition of contemplate, reach depths which is so difficult in the same way as slowly fall in the gap. Tend to caught a beauty , as goldfish in water, but it slips away and disappears, as the morning mist.
  My pictures - amorous bees, fly in the morning to endless flowers , to enjoy its honey aroma and to slake a nectar floral pollen. I always pleased, beginning new work, lowered that world is inexhaustible in its varied and beauty, and this draws me all in uncertainty and happiness further...
My motto : " Artist, not afraid to reach perfections , because you does not reach it ".

Abstract symbolism

Fundamental  exhibitions
    1991 – Moscow. Manege. Gallery “Arkom”, catalogue, booklet, purchase for  gallery.
    1991 – TIAS (Tokyo International Art Session). Gallery “Arkom”. Tokyo, Japan, catalogue.
    1992 – Moscow. Parlament Center. “Christmas Auction”. Gallery “Spanish Quarter”. Exhibition "Russian realism in Russia”,  catalogue.
    1993 – Moscow.”Art myth”.Manege. Gallery “Euroart”, gallery “Sart”, catalogue booklet.
    1993 – Moscow. Central House of Artist (CHA). “Russian exhibition”, gallery “Sart”, catalogue.
    1993 – Riga, CHA, exhibition. Gallery “Panart”. Purchase for private collection by a merited actor of Lithuania Valdes Sherkshnis and by a journalist Valmer Adronaytais in Riga.
    1993 – United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Palace of Arts, exhibition “50 Moscow artists”,catalogue. Purchase by museum of Cultural Foundation of the capital.
    1994 – Oman, Muscat. Russian Embassy. “Exhibition of Russian Artist”, catalogue.
    1994 – The Netherlands. Exhibition, gallery “Mark Peet Visser”, Nezden.
    1994 – Germany. Sylt, Westerland “Kunstmarkt”.  Berlin, gallery “Alte Post”, purchase for the magistracy of Berlin.
    1994 – Amsterdam. Exhibition 1 copy Vermeer “The Art of Painting”.
    1995 – Germany. Bonn. “Kunstmarkt”. Berlin, Mishalsky gallery “Auf dem Kappenplatz”.
    1995 – Several exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany. Gallery “Panart”. “From realism to avantgarde”, poster.
    1995 – Moscow. Chinese Embassy. “Art exhibitions  Grabovsky, Zheleznova, Drobitsky”. Gallery “Elephant”.
    1996 – Moscow. CHA. Competition “Golden Paint-Brush”. Moscow government Culture Committee. Prize, catalogue.
    1996 – Germany. Cologne. “Wandering exhibition of Ludvigs Art Museum”.
    1997 – Moscow. Art-Manege. “The Travels “ group. Purchase by the Museum of  Kosmodemyansk.
    1997 – Gallery “Euroart”, exhibition “The Russian  Art of the end of the XX-th century”, catalogue.
    1997 – Moscow. Parlament Center, exhibition “300 years Navy Fleet and 180 of years I.K. Aivazovsky“. Copies paintings of  Aivazovsky.
    1998 – “The Seasons” almanac .
    1999 – 2000 – “Nike” Gallery, Ney-York, Soho, Broadway, permanent expozition.Purchase by the “Nike”Gallery. Publishing a magazine “Manhattan Arts”.
    2000 – Moscow. Art-Manege, “The Russian Galleries”, catalogue.
    2001 – Moscow .Permanent Expozition in the gallery of  Noblemans Style at Bolshaya  Bronnaya.
    2002 – Moscow. Exhibition at the gallery  on the Pyatnitskaya str. Purchase in private  collection in Germany.
    2003 – 2007 – USA. Chicago. “Art-Artur” gallery. Continual participate in exhibitions.
    2007 – 2012  – Work  on  Monumental  Art.